Food Division

Since 2000 we have been operating in the food industry with the aim of facilitating the process of cooking. With the desire for launching unique and different products our Elite brand was born in 2005 which is currently leader in ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat foods. This success brought us to present even more brands to the market and the result is 10 brands to date that have products such as instant soups, noodles, spices, seasoning, fry powder, extra virgin olive oil, coffee and confectionery. Amadeh Laziz family has nearly 1600 members chosen based on a mutual urge: manufacturing quality products considering customer’s needs. In today’s modernized world the need for fast and easy cooking comes naturally.

Pharmaceutical Division

This division is operating in 14 different therapeutic disciplines and providing medicine for cancer, transplantation and rare diseases and is producing more than 7 billion tablets, capsules and over 100 million vials, pre-filled syringes and ampules annually. Another point worth mentioning is 170 different medicines and numerous production lines and finally more than 80 million euros gained through collaborations.


Charity organization of Dr Mostafa Naraghi started in 2007 as an organization supporting people in need. Two of the institutes established by this organization is Robabeh Tahbaz female-only high school in Mashhad city, and Dr Mostafa Naraghi male-only high school in Karaj. This charity also built two schools in Mashhad in 2017 and 2018: Farvardin Tahbaz elementary school and Bagher Tahbaz high school. In 1997 through a collaboration with the Kahrizak organization, construction of Dr Mostafa Naraghi asylum started and to date, the CEO of Amadeh Laziz and Actover is a member in board of directors of Kahrizak nursing home. Currently there are over 2000 social workers occupied in this asylum and there are more than 2800 patients including 400 M.S. patients under care.